Grace is Orange

We all know when you take the color red and the color yellow and combine them you get ORANGE – a much more vibrant and powerful color.
At Grace Fellowship we see ORANGE as far more than just a color. We see ORANGE as a strategy! It’s a strategy to help build faith and character in people!  We see the red part of ORANGE as representing the heart of a family and the yellow part as representing the church and the light of Christ. When you combine the two you end up with something more vibrant and powerful than you’d ever get with each on their own.
So how do we define ORANGE? At Grace Fellowship we define it as synchronizing the efforts of church leaders and parents around a plan to help build faith and character in children and teens.  Our Sunday environments are only part of something even bigger!  We really believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at Grace Fellowship on Sundays.  We want to partner with you, the parents to help engage in meaningful dialogue with your children about faith and character at home.
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