Wednesday Times

Middle School: 6-7:40 p.m.

High School: 6:15-8:20 p.m.


For Parents

GSM wants to partner with you, the parent, in helping with the Spiritual Development of your students. We believe that you are the #1 influence in your student's life, and want to help you be the best influence to your son or daughter. We want to keep you informed on what's happening in our ministry with the following:

Providing a weekly parent email filled with upcoming events in GSM, what we're studying, and how you can be involved in each series that is happening on Wednesday nights.

Periodically checking out this website for the updated stuff that's happening.

Sign up for text updates by texting @gsmpartner to 81010. These texts are free (unless you pay for texts) and come whenever there is something to update you on. Plus, each week we send out a text with one question to help you and your son or daughter talk about what we talked about that night in GSM.

You can always just give us a call at (219)987-7763.

Middle and High School can be a fun and adventurous time, but it can also be one filled with anxiety and confusion. We are here to help you navigate through these tough times. Please, don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions that you may have.

Our Mission

At GSM we strive to create safe environments where students can find and continue a lasting relationship with Jesus. We do this through events, amazing trips, partnering with parents, and our Wednesday night classes. On Wednesday nights there is a time of fun, teaching, small group and worship. Each small group is broken down by grade/gender and lead by an incredible, loving and trained adult.

Throughout the year we have different trips and serving opportunities for students to engage and grow as they learn about different topics and live beyond themselves.

We know parents have the greatest impact in a student's life so we would love to partner with you to help your student have a lasting relationship with Jesus. We also encourage your students to engage and serve alongside you in our Sunday services each week.

Games/announcements. . .

We want to help students understand that church can be fun! We play all kinds of different games that help them interact with other students as well as their adult leaders. We know that if students will laugh and have fun with you then they are more likely to open up about other things as well. We use the announcement time to keep students informed of different things that are happening in Grace Students.

Intro Small Groups. . .

This time of our service is used for students to connect with each other and their small group leader. The goal of this intro small group time is for the students and the group leader to break the ice that way they will be more open to sharing later. We also understand that they have been sitting in school for most of the day and they just need some time to talk to other students.

Message. . .

Each week we teach a message that is centered on Scripture. We talk about topics that are based on a person or idea in the Bible and we put it in terms that a student is able to understand. The prayer and the goal is that students will hear the Word of God and they will be changed because of it.

Post Small Groups. . .

This time is used very intentionally to dissect the message. During Post small groups each group will have a set of questions to help the students apply what they just learned to their own life. The small group leader does not have to get through all of the questions as long as the conversation is moving in the right direction.

Next Level Study. . .

These are optional studies that are provided for the students to help them grow in their faith. Next Level studies will last 6 weeks and there will be two rounds of Next Level studies each semester and then one round during the summer. The studies will range from a deeper Bible study to sharing your faith to wrestling with doubts. The first round of Next Level studies will begin on September 12th.